Photo: Davey Wilson
Photo: Russ Ellis
Photo: Davey Wilson
Photo: Casey B. Gibson
Photo: Russ Ellis
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Tao Geoghegan Hart is a British professional cyclist racing for Team Sky. The current British u23 road race champion, Tao, originally from Hackney in East London, has raced since the age of 14. In this time he has represented Great Britain at 5 World Championships, 3 European Championships and the IOC-sanctioned European Youth Olympics.

Next race
UCI Road World Championships:
- Elite Men Individual Time Trial, Wednesday 20th Sept.
- Elite Men Road Race, Sunday 24th Sept.

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January 23, 2017


Palm tree’s sway, momentarily defeating the laws of physics as their heads bow down almost to their toes. As I look beyond their animated branches, white topped waves crash down, spray flying in all directions in to the air. We speed along effortlessly, the wind on our tails. As we pass yet another row of empty off-season hotels and shuttered up shops, I can’t help but think that the accelerations of life dwarf the prevailing speed of the group. Months prior I had been peering over the fence, attempting to glimpse at a world that I had long dreamed of […]

December 5, 2016

Two sides of a barrier

Looking up the street, coloured logos snake off far into the distance. A truck crawls the pavement, luminous figures slowly unloading. Their fatigue, as they near the end of their seventh night shift on the trot, completely unbeknown to the chance onlooker. As the sun sets, the street lights flicker on, momentarily splattering incandescent warmth. The bulbs soon steady their glow, illuminating the pavestones below and emphasising the many small circles of trodden chewing gum. The night before saw all manner of strange objects unravel upon my doorstep, sprawling in all directions and engulfing the little space that exists. As […]

Training Routes

A few of Tao's favourite rides from the places he calls home

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